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DigitalOcean Promo Code & Discount Credit up to $35

DigitalOcean is known as one of the best SSD Cloud Hosting Provider in the market. They are proving high performance SSD VPS hosting plan with as low as $5 per month. We are going to share some of the updated DigitalOcean Promo Code and Discount Offers so that you can save some money while buying your self managed cloud hosting.

DigitalOcean use only SSD cloud servers i.e. they are using only very high-performance Solid State Disks (SSD). The robust speed is directly helping website developers and software developers to run their hosted web sites and applications with high performance. Starter package at DigitalOcean starts with only 5$ with which you will get 20GB SSD, 1TB Bandwidth, 512 Memory and 1 core CPU. With digitalocean servers, cloud computing made very simple, built specially for developers. You can deploy an SSD cloud server in under 1 minute of time. Here is the simple digitalocean simple server hosting plans;

digitalocean price discount plans

Some of their Best Features along with each plan:

Solid-State Drives (SSD), Global Image Transfer, DNS Management, Private Networking, 99.99% Uptime SLA, US, Europe & Asia Server Locations

Easy to use Control Panel: DigitalOcean’s control panel is focused on usability, streamlining the complexities of the web hosting.

Very Active Developer Community: DigitalOcean has a very active community of developers and the community pages are regularly updated and moderated. You will find lot of effective tutorials and functional Questions and Answers section to help you further on your server operation.

Linux/one-click Popular Application installations: DigitalOcean offers 6 popular Linux distributions: Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, CoreOS and FreeBSD, which you can automatically install during deployment of your droplet. Popular software application packages can also be installed with just one click that includes LAMP, LEMP and MEAN stack; development frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Django and Docker; as well as popular eCommerce software Magento, CMS solutions WordPress and Ghost and MediaWiki.

DigitalOcean Promo Codes:

Here are some of the updated DigitalOcean coupon code and discount offers:

– Use this Promo Code to get $10 Free Credit after you Signup and when you add a payment method. That’s enough to run a digitalocean starter server free for next 2 months.

– Use this DigitalOcean Promo Code to get $10 Free Credit

– DigitalOcean Code for $10 Free Credit

Use this DigitalOcean Coupon to get $10 free for 2 months virtual SSD servers

– Use this Coupon Code to get $10 for a new account.

It is very important to know that to get the credit amount for Free, you have to utilize the digitalocean promo code immediately after register your account. DigitalOcean will allow only one promo code for each account, if you already used any promo code in the past, you may not be able to add another one. To see if you have used any coupon code earlier, you can visit your billing page to see the history of promo code.

How to get Free Credit and use the DigitalOcean Promo Code:

Step One: Visit the official website at

Step Two: Sign up and register an Account by simply providing your email address and password. DigitalOcean will send you an email with vitrification link, open your email  verify your email address.

digitalocean signup for free 10$ credit

Step Three: Add a payment method to activate your account:
– Now move on to Billing from the left side menu, Link your Credit Card or Pay $5 via PayPal.
and in bottom of linking your card, apply any DigitalOcean Promo Code from the above Promo Codes list at our site.

add payment method at digitalocean to get free credit

Why you need to pay $5 ?
Because you are having $10 to $20 credit depending on the discount code and by paying $5 extra you are actually verifying your billing account. You can get a VPS for 3-5 months by spending $5 only.

Everything is Done! You can start using your account and create the required droplet.

Whats best with the DigitalOcean SSD VPS:

DigitalOcean Floating IPs:

You can redirect network traffic between any of your Droplets if you are in the same datacenter using a Floating IP. Without a single point of failure, you will be able to create high availability server structures with Floating IPs.

DigitalOcean Team Accounts:

With digitalocean team accounts, you can add multiple users to access and manage your account while keeping your sensitive information private. You can share your account’s resources, hide your login credentials or billing information from the other team account.

Multiple Datacenter Locations of DigitalOcean:

You can select the best location for your application based on latency or deploy across regions for high availability.

  1. New York City
  2. San Francisco
  3. LonDon
  4. Amstedam
  5. Frankfurt
  6. Singapore
  7. Toronto

You can Test the server speed by going to DigitalOcean website.

Scale with our versatile API:

DigitalOcean namespaced API allows you to automate & customize your server setups. You can access all the functionality available at the web control panel via the API.

Less than 1 Minute Provisioning:

All of our cloud servers are provisioned in as little as 55 seconds. – your machine is online and pinging fast.

Fast SSD Hard Drives:

DigitalOcean SSD hard drives will improve the performance of your application dramatically from faster disk i/o performance.

DigitalOcean Tier-1 Bandwidth:

At digitalocean, all the servers comes with 1Gb/sec network interface.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee:

DigitalOcean provides a 99.99% uptime SLA around their network, power and VPS availability. If they fail to deliver, they will credit you based on the amount of time that service was unavailable.

DigitalOcean Tutorials:
You to go to to see the resourceful tutorials for almost every issues related to managing your server at DigitalOcean.
Also you can visit YouTube channel of Digital Ocean :

Tutorial on How To Create a Cloud Server on DigitalOcean:

Tutorial on How To Use a Custom Domain Name with Your Web Server:

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Conclusion : 
We try to add every new Digital Ocean Coupon Code at our website as soon as we get it. We have personally used DigitalOcean for one of our WordPress website project and found the performance is very satisfactory. If you are thinking for having SSD Cloud hosting server for you, we must say that feel free to get the SSD VPS from Digital Ocean.

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